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Intamin Free Fall

Reference Number: 2166
Amusement Park Rides : Free Fall

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Year  1997
Condition (mechanical, electrical, cosmetic)  excellent, excellent, very good
Required Space  250' TALL cars lift to 229'
Seats  4 unit of 4 passenger each
Power Required  788 KVA
  Park Model / Amusement Park Rides 
Transportation  20 -40' OT +4 =40. BOX +2-40' FLAT RACK
 Call for Price
Notes     1977 Intamin drop tower - approx. 250' tall, passengers lift to 229', free drop for 125' before hitting the magnetic brakes- height restriction 48"- Purchased and disassembled in October 2011, was transported to EUROPE and completely refurbished except paint that can be customized
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