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Looking for Amusement Park Rides, Carnival Rides or rides for Family Entertainment Centers? This page is a great place to start if you're not already familiar with our site and how we categorize the equipment we sell.
Consider this your "Ride Guide".

If you already know whether you're looking for new amusement rides or used amusement rides, then just click on one of the links; otherwise read on to learn more about what used amusement rides we sell and what new ride manufacturers we represent.

  Bumper Cars

This category also includes bumper boats, go-karts, skooters and dodgems; bumper car buildings and floor pick-up model bumper cars like those popular at many indoor entertainment facilities.
Related New Rides: Bertazzon Bumper Cars.


Also known as Merry-Go-Rounds, Round-A-Bouts and Gallopers; the classic carousel is one of the most popular rides for most any entertainment destination including shopping malls.
Related New Rides: Bertazzon Carousels.
Related Used Ride Categories: Children's Rides and Trains.

  Children's Rides / Kiddie Rides

These types of rides include nearly any amusement ride made for kids. When shopping for children's rides it's always good to consider a variety of types of movement depending on what you might already have in use. Too many rides with the same basic movement/motion won't have your guests wanting to stay and experience everything you have to offer. Give them a reason to stay by having a good mix. Depending on your market you may also want to consider rides that accommodate adults as well. Most are great for use at Family Entertainment Centers.
Related New Rides: Mini Flume Rides and Mini Roller Coasters from L&T Systems; Children's Rides from Technical Park; Bertazzon's Children's Bumper Cars and Carousels ; and rides from some of our other select manufacturers including Children's Trains and Swing Rides.
Related Used Ride Categories: Trains, Carousels.

  Concession Trailers & Equipment

This category includes concession trailers and equipment, game trailers, living quarters, office trailers and similar items.
Related Used Equipment Categories: Misc. Amusement Equipment.

  Flume and Water Rides

Make a big splash and cool off crowds with popular rides like log flumes, river raft rides, splash coasters, water slides and similar equipment.
Related New Rides: L&T Systems Flume Rides; Water Slides from select suppliers.
Related Used Ride Categories: Roller Coasters, Spectacular Rides

  Fun Houses & Dark Rides

Silly or spooky these themed walk-through and ride-through attractions are fun additions to most any park or fair. These includes rides like mirror mazes, glass houses, horror houses and ghost castles.
Related Used Ride Categories: Major & Family Rides

  Himalaya & Musik Rides

This category includes himalaya, musik express, matterhorn and flying bobs type rides. These are "flat rides" that operate at relatively high speed in a circular pattern with a series of hills and dips along the way. Typically himalaya and musik express rides have a set of 3 hills and 3 dips in the track on which the cars ride along the track. The matterhorn and flying bob type rides have cars which are "suspended" at the front and back of the vehicle allowing them to swing outwards as they pick up speed and move up and down 2 hills and 2 dips in a "bob sled" type fashion. Both types are excellent rides with broad family appeal.
Related New Rides: Bertazzon's Musik Express and Matterhorn
Related Used Ride Categories: Major & Family Rides, Pirate Ship Rides

  Major & Family Rides

This is a very broad category of rides which accounts for some of the most popular types of rides found at amusement parks and carnivals. These rides remain popular because of their appeal to children, teens and adults. Because of their broad popularity many of these are considered "classics" - including the Tilt-A-Whirl, Scrambler, Ferris Wheel and the Round-Up.
Related New Rides: Bertazzon's Musik Express and Matterhorn
Related Used Ride Categories: Pirate Ship Rides, Himalaya & Musik Rides, Ferris Wheels, Gondola Wheels & Tower Rides

  Pirate Ship Rides

The Pirate Ship ride is another ride that nearly every park and carnival have. They have a broad family appeal and a high seas adventure theme. Over the years this type of pendulum movement has been the basis of many new spectacular rides.
Related New Rides: Technical Park's Spectacular Rides
Related Used Ride Categories: Spectacular Rides, Major & Family Rides, Himalaya & Musik Rides

  Roller Coasters

Be they for children, families or thrill seekers these rides often define a park in the eyes of the amusement ride enthusiast. Coasters can be major additions to parks around which marketing campaigns revolve to draw visitors. It doesn't matter if you have a small kiddie park, family park or full blown amusement park; a coaster that suits the needs of your visitors can be a wonderful addition.
Related New Rides: L&T Systems Roller Coasters; Technical Park's Spectacular Rides
Related Used Ride Categories: Spectacular Rides, Flume and Water Rides


High-tech rides with a variety of programmed adventure scenarios. Flight, roller coaster, racing, under water exploration and other simulations provide enormous enjoyment in small spaces.
Related Used Ride Categories: Major & Family Rides


Much like roller coasters these thrill rides often provide opportunities to market their addition to your location and drive traffic. Most suitable for teens and young adults these rides deliver extreme sensations that have riders wanting to come back for more.
Related New Rides: L&T Systems Roller Coasters; Technical Park's Spectacular Rides
Related Used Ride Categories:
Roller Coasters , Flume and Water Rides

  Trains, Trams and People Movers

From large scale locomtives, trams and sky rides that provide scenic views and shuttling in your park to small train rides for children this category covers a variety of rides and transportation services common at amusement parks and carnivals.
Related New Rides:
Train Rides from some of our select manufacturers.
Related Used Ride Categories: Carousels, Children's Rides / Kiddie Rides, Major & Family Rides

  Wheels and Towers

Ferris Wheels, Gondola Wheels and Towers offer more than rides for your clientele; signage and scenic views are a secondary purposes of rides of these types. Giant wheels with flashing lights and towers of steel let all know where fun can be found.
Related New Rides: Technical Park Gondola Wheels.
Related Used Ride Categories: Major & Family Rides.

  Miscellaneous Amusement Equipment

This category is where we list equipment that doesn't fit into any other category. Games, generators, office and house trailers, concessions, trucks and more.
Related Used Equipment Categories:
Concession Trailers and Equipment.

Hopefully after viewing this information you now have a general idea of what amusement rides we have for sale and how our amusement equipment is arranged. Begin browsing our site using our navigation bar at the top of the page or select either new amusement rides or used amusement rides to find the equipment you're looking for.  You may also use our search feature to find specific items in our database. Contact an Ital sales professional if you do not find the ride you are looking for. In many cases we can locate other rides through our extensive worldwide brokerage network.

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